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L’unica via (The only way)

YearNovember, 2022Duration8 min, 40 secAuthorFALL on the roaDMy roleDirector, editor

Short film winner of the “100 ore Torino” 2022 competition


A washed up actor, after another failure in his carreer, decides to kidnap a young influencer that sparked controversy.
His torture proves useless and meaningless, as the kidnapper is moved by the tenacity of the girl.


In autumn 2022, together with a group of university colleagues – renamed “FALL on the roaD” – I decided to participate in a renowned Turin short film competition: the “100 ore Torino”. The challenge was to create (from writing to editing) a short film within only 100 hours, adhering to a central theme and incorporating specific elements (locations, camera angles, sounds, extras, etc.).

The camaraderie of the group and our ability to adapt to various situations made this experience unforgettable, resulting in the birth of my second directed short film. The most important aspect of this experience was treating it not only as a stylistic exercise but also as a game—a way to unleash our passions.


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