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La crepa (The crack)

YearApril, 2022Duration8 min, 6 secAuthorFilippo Mauro, Daniele Di Gregorio, Francesca StrafellaMy roleDirector, editor, color, audio mix

Short film created as the final project for the Photography and Digital Cinema exam at Politecnico di Torino


What happens in a supermarket after it closes?
A man, returning home from the supermarket, notices a strange crack in a jar. What caused it?


This short film was created as the final project for the Photography and Digital Cinema exam in the Cinema and Media Engineering program at Politecnico di Torino.

Taking advantage of the opportunity and the resources provided by the university – from equipment to casting offices – I, along with my colleagues, aimed to produce a short film that was as ambitious as possible. We even secured permission to shoot inside a large supermarket at night.

The main challenge for me, as a first-time director, was to effectively lead the entire crew, which included several people I had never met before. Additionally, we had to adhere to tight shooting schedules. We had only 3 days (or rather, 3 nights) to film inside the supermarket, and there were various constraints to consider.

The goal with this short film was to create something that didn’t take itself too seriously but could still captivate the audience. We staged a comedic and bizarre situation within the everyday setting of a supermarket. Leveraging the fact that this place, bustling during the day, becomes mysterious and unusual when closed to the public at night, we aimed to entertain and intrigue viewers.

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