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YearNovember, 2023Duration8 min, 35 secAuthorFALL on the roaDMy roleDirector, editor, color, mix audio

Short film shot in 2023 following the victory in the “100 ore Torino” competition


Filippo, an emerging YouTuber, decides to shoot a video about the historical profession of knife sharpeners. To do so, he follows Gregorio, a knife sharpener, during his workday, capturing his routine and delving into the insight of his job. What Filippo is unaware of, however, is Gregorio’s secret habit, which turns out to be rather dangerous and disturbing.


After winning the “100 ore Torino” competition, a prize was awarded for the creation of a new short film. So, with complete freedom regarding theme and approach, I collaborated with the FALL on the roaD team to produce this short film. The main challenge was organizing everyone within tight time constraints and shooting everything in 3 days on set, including a trip to the town of Cherasco and filming inside a Turin workshop.

Similar to “La crepa”, a short film created between 2021 and 2022, we aimed to play with the subtle irony of the story, portraying rather absurd and grotesque situations within a typical person’s day. In this case, the theme revolved around the hidden side of the knife sharpener’s profession.


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