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Filippo, nice to meet you

About me

At the age of six, my parents gifted me my first digital camera, with which I enjoyed capturing awkward photos and short clips of my everyday life.

Throughout high school, this passion never waned, driving me to learn as much as possible. I spent my days watching tutorials and seeking advice from those who already made photography their profession.

Through practice, I realized how crucial one’s unique perspective on the world is when telling a story, whether through video or photography.

After graduating from a Scientific High School in Ancona, I sought a field of study that would allow me to pursue my passions, especially in the realm of video. I enrolled in Cinema and Media Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino, where I completed my Master’s degree after 5 years.

During my studies, I collaborated with a small group of university colleagues to create three independent short films. This hands-on experience allowed me to delve into various technical aspects on set and produce something original.

As part of my thesis project, I worked for six months at Robin Studio, a Turin-based production company. There, I had the opportunity to contribute as a video operator and assistant video operator on several projects, including working with the Egyptian Museum of Turin and other diverse clients.

My mission is to pursue my passion for cinema, video, and photography, ensuring that through my images, people can experience emotions.

To achieve this, it requires hard work, research, and experimentation. Each new project serves as both a testing ground and a significant opportunity for personal and professional growth.

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